How to create a Kickass YouTube description

Are you giving your YouTube Channel the best shot?

You create great content no doubt, editing it until it is perfect. Your titles are precise yet beguiling. Your tags are correct. So, what is it that is hindering your views?

The answer is Description box.

Description like the title is an important marketing tool for your video. Not only does it help the viewer to decide whether to watch your content or not but also it helps YouTube algorithm to determine what the contents in your video are.

So the real question is – what to include in YouTube description box?

Many YouTube content creators have this question. The top brands, too, ignore the description box but what they might not realize is that they may be losing potential views.

Having said that here are few tips to properly use your description box.

The First Four Lines

The first four lines are important!  As a Digital Marketer, The first thing I would like to suggest is that work on your top four lines.

In the first four lines briefly explain what the video is about exactly. This not only helps you to get more views but also helps you to get relevant viewers to your content as the first two lines of description are shown with the video in search or when shared on social media. The first four lines are included beneath the video but above the “read more” tab.

Adding Links and time stamps

Links in the description box are clickable on desktop as well as mobile devices. Links help with lead generation by directing viewers to an external website, social platforms or may be an e commerce affiliated link which helps the viewer to easily explore your products, services and other important content. One of the things to keep in mind is that while using a link use complete URL to make the link clickable.

Adding time stamps to your description box makes it easy for users to navigate to specific contents of the video, thereby, helping you to build a connection with the viewer.

Provide detailed description

Hold on! By detailed I don’t mean you write up everything in the description box. YouTube provides a character limit of 5000 that I think is more than enough; so make use of it wisely. It means that your description should neither be too long and boring nor should it be too short. Rather it must be of optimum length and in easy language.

Give credit wherever it is due

Did you use a piece of music or video under the fair use act? Want to give credit to a co-creator or a contributor? Mention them in the description and provide a link to their channel or social media profile. This not only is ethically correct but also creates a good image in the eyes of viewer resulting in building trust with the viewer.

End on a strong CTA

William Shakespeare said “All’s well that ends well” so ending on a strong note is very important.

Ideally you should end your video with a strong call to action (CTA). The CTA can also be used to tell user what you as a channel owner is expecting of him. You may ask them to subscribe, turn on notification for the channel or redirect them to a website.

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