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Things to avoid while running Product Listing Ads (PLA)

What are Product Listing Ads? Product Listing Ads(PLA) are cost per click (CPC) ads which online merchants purchase through AdWords. These ads appear on Google Search pages to the top and left of results. Product Listing Ads are most distinguishable as they:  Feature a product image Are tailored towards products and product categories Google Product Listing ads are the bread and butter of any well optimized Google AdWords campaign for… Read More »Things to avoid while running Product Listing Ads (PLA)

Using Intelligence reports in Google Analytics

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It’s always a pleasure to use a product that keeps evolving. The possibility of discovering a new feature that’s been recently launched, and the happiness of seeing the applications of that new feature is what keeps me coming back to the product. Google Analytics is one such product for me. Slowly and steadily, they have evolved the product so as to give the free tier users a taste of what… Read More »Using Intelligence reports in Google Analytics

Data anomalies in Search Console

In the past 5-6 years or so, a lot of online businesses, especially the ones who are hungry for growth have relied on organic traffic as one of their key sources. Now growth could mean an increase in pure numbers (traffic, sessions, users) … or it could mean an increase in more tangible business parameters (revenues, profits). One of the things that I have learnt is that depending on which success… Read More »Data anomalies in Search Console

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Why should you use Annotations in Google Analytics?

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Google Analytics is a tool which often amazes me. It contains so many features packed into it that it would take years simply to understand and appreciate all of them! One such feature which I do not see being used as much as it should be is the Annotations tool within Google Analytics. What are Annotations? Annotations are comments which you can put for a particular date. So in this… Read More »Why should you use Annotations in Google Analytics?

Understanding the __utmz Google Analytics Cookie

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Google Analytics does tracking by using the urchin tracking cookies. In case if you do not know what are HTTP Cookies, then you need to start reading some of these articles that I am linking to!! They can give the crunch to your digital marketing initiatives. Do bear with me through this post, I will get a bit technical. In case if you do understand a bit of PHP, you will… Read More »Understanding the __utmz Google Analytics Cookie

Custom Reporting in Google Analytics

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Google Analytics rolled out more than 5 years back, and it has been rocking ever since. The first free enterprise class analytics seemed to keep on adding more and more awesome features every year. Especially after the acquisition of the Urchin tracker system, GA has been the de facto analytics system for all websites. Of course for the more seasoned people out there who cannot get their exact set of… Read More »Custom Reporting in Google Analytics