Indian School of Business


The Indian School of Business was depending on agencies to manage their digital campaigns. One of the change in tactics that the top tier B-School was looking at was to increasingly use in-house teams to cater to it’s growing marketing needs.

The client wanted to sensitise different teams across the institution on what the shift from a majorly outsourced marketing team to an in-house team meant. The team also realised that there was a sizeable capability gap between what the agencies were providing and what the internal team was doing. 13 Llama Interactive was given a mandate to train the in-house team on the best practices of all the digital channels so that they could upskill themselves and be more independent of their agencies.

Solution Approach

A learning plan was created, and a Digital Marketing course was customised for the team at ISB. This course was conducted over a period of two months on their Hyderabad campus.

The trainer from 13 Llama Interactive not only delivered a customised course, but also spoke to individual teams and helped them assess their approach for the pending change.

The entire course was conducted as a formal business course and all participants were assessed at the end of the course.

Business Outcomes

The client’s team now runs independent digital campaigns on their own. Since then, they have managed to hire and grow the in-house team as well.

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