Analytics Process

Web Analytics Process

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  • The whole process starts with measurement. How many people are completing the customer journey? And where along that journey are you losing or retaining customers? In a nutshell, the measurement stage is all about collecting the data needed to answer your business questions.
  • Next, we need to do reporting to package the data in a readable format and then get information out to decision ­makers so that they can be empowered with the information they need to
    make business decisions. This often happens by developing and distributing pre­made reports
    or dashboards.
  • Then analysis has to happen. Analysis can be as simple as identifying larger trends, but it can also be complex, including deep segmentation of your data or competitive analysis comparing your performance to an industry benchmark.
  • Testing is the next phase of the process. This is where you try different solutions to the problems you identified during your analysis. Testing is critical because it takes opinions out of the decision-making process for discovering improvement opportunities.
  • Finally, you repeat what you learn from this whole process and you improve.
  • Analytics provides a 360 degress approach to the website. Right from Audience behavious to the use journey. Tacking these parameters help you navigate your website in the right direction.