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What is 13llama Interactives?

13 Llama Interactive is a data driven Analytics + Consulting Team, for organizations who have ideas which have the potential to change an industry and how it works, and are looking for a highly-skilled and focused product development team. We have helped create solutions like VoD, Apps, LMS, CRM & CMS-related products for clients in industries like Media, Healthcare, Education, Emerging Tech.

13 Llama Interactives

  • Is a performance marketing agency
  • Works at the intersect of Technology and Marketing
  • Works with data to cull out insights
  • Works with other agencies (inhouse and third party) to improve campaign outcomes

Who are 13Llama Interactive?

We help to build products and how they are taken to market for our clients, and is led by Prasad Ajinkya, PGDM ‘06 from IIM Indore (LinkedIn) and Dr. Harshaja Ajinkya (LinkedIn)

What do we do?

  • MVP development
If you have an idea that can change the world, or at least and industry, we can help you build a quick and high-quality Minimum Viable Product which you can test your idea on and even take to market.
  • Online Presence & Marketing
We manage your online presence, be it in the form of website, social media presence, marketing through online channels, PPC campaigns, Analytics etc.

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