Shifting to _utmz from _ga

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Some years back I had written about the __utmz cookie that Google Analytics uses to identify source attribution for visitors. If you are interested in reading that post, click here on Understanding the __utmz cookie. Google evolves beyond Urchin Google Analytics is based on the Urchin tracking management system and has been improving on that system over a period of time. As I have seen this product evolve, and many… Read More »Shifting to _utmz from _ga

Using Data Studio to create beautiful Reports

In the month of November 2016, Data Studio was made available for all users in India. The product was launched quite some time back, however, it was only accessible in the US and for premium Google Analytics 360 users. However, as of today, anyone can use Google Data Studio to create dazzling reports that can be shared with teams and clients. So how does one go about creating awesome reports?… Read More »Using Data Studio to create beautiful Reports

Notes from 24 ADP

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The first week of June saw the third year of 24 ADP, a Digital Marketer’s Conference in Pune. For the second time, I was asked to be a speaker at the session. This time instead, I decided to speak on Advanced Google Analytics. My notes from the Session – Google Analytics Scripting for 24 ADP from Prasad Ajinkya

Internet Marketing and Your Business

If you own a business, you may or may not know a lot about internet marketing. Internet marketing is an extremely important part of growing your business these days, yet too many business owners don’t realise how important. They think that by handing out a few business cards, they can grow their business and make more money. I’m afraid not! Read on to learn more about internet marketing and your business!

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Notes from Pune Digital Marketers Meetup

March has been an exciting month so far, with multiple speaking opportunities both for 13 Llama Studio and me. On the 1st of March, I was invited to speak at the Pune Digital Marketers Meetup. In case, if you are in Pune and are working in this exponentially growing industry, then this is one meetup which you should not miss! You can find more about them and their event schedule here… Read More »Notes from Pune Digital Marketers Meetup

5 Ways to use Audience Interests in Google Analytics

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Google Analytics updated their UI and offered a new feature for all the free users. This lets a site owner see the interests of the site’s audience. What this means, is that from now on you can actually track what kind of an audience is viewing your site, and what kind of content are they going to like. For those of you who haven’t enabled Audience Interest yet, here is… Read More »5 Ways to use Audience Interests in Google Analytics
Year of Analytics

Why should you use Annotations in Google Analytics?

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Google Analytics is a tool which often amazes me. It contains so many features packed into it that it would take years simply to understand and appreciate all of them! One such feature which I do not see being used as much as it should be is the Annotations tool within Google Analytics. What are Annotations? Annotations are comments which you can put for a particular date. So in this… Read More »Why should you use Annotations in Google Analytics?

Conversion Rate Optimization in the Longer Run

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Today a comment by Analytics guru – Avinash Kaushik made me to pause and take a re-look at my perspective on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). What is Conversion Rate Optimization? Conversion Rate Optimization is the science behind increasing the conversion rate of the pages of a website. Let’s say that you are running an Adwords campaign for your website, then most likely you would use a specific landing page built… Read More »Conversion Rate Optimization in the Longer Run

The Sunday Dip

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If you are running a regularly update site over the past year or so (or like me for more than 5 years), then you would be taking a look at Google Analytics every now and then to see how is the traffic on your site doing.Read More »The Sunday Dip