Rock N Shop


Rock N Shop is a fashion portal that caters of high net-worth individuals by offering the top brands in fashion. The portal was made in Magento, but during the product evolution of the site, the core of the Magento engine was changed and thus the site was incompatible to work with most of the common plug-ins available in the Magento store.

The client wanted to do setup Measurement and Tracking on their e-commerce store. 13 Llama Interactive was given a mandate to work with the client’s development team and setup enhanced e-commerce tracking on a bespoke e-commerce store.

Solution Approach

A measurement approach was initially discussed with the business teams, and then for each different page type, 13 Llama outlined what events and goals needed to be tracked.

The development team was supported and trained on how this tracking was meant to be implemented. Enhanced E-commerce tracking using Google Analytics is well documented in Google’s developer documentation.

Not only did the 13 Llama Interactive team help in pointing out the right implementation approaches, but during this cycle the lead consultants also implemented code that was pushed to the production site. This was then tested by the 13 Llama team, and on successful implementation rolled out across all the different templates.

Business Outcomes

The client was able to measure the impact of their existing acquisition campaigns and focus on micro outcomes that aided in adding to more purchases.

Through multi-channel funnel reports, the team was educated on what channels to invest in and what channels to reconsider.

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